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Here Are the Features that Are Vital
to the Performance of Your Floats

Let's set the record straight. Not all floats are created equal. Far form it. Frankly, the floats that have the longest life will maximize your investment, protect the marine environment and keep wildlife safe. To do this, these standards MUST be met:

  1. They MUST Have a Tested Minimum Wall Thickness of .125 or .150 or .187 or heavier, whatever is required by the job site. - Ensuring you strength, durability, flexibility and the ability for you to custom design the wall thickness to the needs and conditions of your location.

  2. The Float Foam Must Be Guaranteed To Meet The Hunt 7-Day Water Absorption Test. This is your proof that the foam will meet a maximum water absorption of less than 3 lbs. per cubic foot. This is crucial if a shell is damaged, since it ensures that water will not penetrate the foam and be absorbed, which will damage the float, harm the environment or worse cause the dock to sink.

  3. The Shell Must be Virgin Grade LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) Material giving your floats longer life because "LLDPE" is more flexible than "high density polyethylene." That means that the float will suffer less damage when hit with high impacts.

  4. They MUST Be Guaranteed to Meet "The ASTM Falling Dart Test". Here's iron-clad proof of quality that ensures the manufacturer is using a good-quality material and their molding process has the highest standards!

The Premier floats meet all these standards and give you the best protection and value. But hold on, because you can also expect these impressive benefits:

 •  A superior 12-year warranty with the first 8 years 100% non-prorated as required
      by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulations.
 •  One-piece rotational molded float for durability and water-tightness.
 •  Choice from over 44 sizes to fit your requirement.
 •  Floats that are continually tested at factory to meet the "7-Day Hunt Water Absorption Test",
      "ASTM Falling Dart Test" and Wall Thickness Test.
 •  Superior mounting flanges and slots for durability, strength and ease of assembly,
       with no penetration of float, so it remains water-tight.

"The Most Important Component of your floating dock
is the flotation that keeps the dock floating."

What You Can't See is Vital to the Performance of Your Floating Docks!
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